Vegan & Vegetarian productsfor more health & joy of living!
Cakes & other sweets for Vegans & Vegetarians
Cake is the answer, no matter the question!
New! Salty VEG products
Just a few minutes to have a healthy & tasty meal..
your family!

Why choose us?9 reasons

1 Veg products

Made by people living the Veg lifestyle 10+ years!

2 mmm...crazy tasty!

Many compliments from clients and gourmands!

3 Health = Veg

Meat products are the cause of 15 deadliest diseases in Western world.

4 Made with Love

We know the importance of subtle energy the food is prepared

5 Avoid bad E foodstuffs

Better choose vacuum packaging!

6 More energy & joy of life!

Veg products give more energy than animal flesh

7 From small villiage in Northern Europe, Latvia

Where air is cleaner and mind calmer

8 Cruelty Free

To eat animal, someone must kill it first

9 Join the fast growing Veg community

People become more aware of themselves and creatures around them

Health in pills or fridge?

Cholosterol drugs decrease disease risk by only 5% over 5 years. Plant based, whole food diet is ensuring 60% heart disease risk reduction.

Risk to die from the killer No.1 - Heart disease

Meat eater



How important are those things to us?We stand for the values

Done with love and devotion!

Changing the world? Start with yourself!

Health as a result of lifestyle, not medicine.

Attract all clients

Get large profits

Do you know the numbers?

What is the definition of healthy lifestyle? Food, water, exercise, no smoking.

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MemoryWater Shop

MemoryWater Shop


RIMI hypermarket


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Multikino cafe


Stockmann department store

Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar


CupCino cafe


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